Sierra Pelona Rock Club enjoys monthly field trips (except July and August) lead by our acting Field Trip Chairperson, or other member of the club. Field trips are usually the Saturday following the General Meeting, which falls on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. We visit local beaches, mountains and deserts. Our field trips are open to the public and we encourage all to come out and enjoy a day collecting beautiful rocks!

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Calico Nov. 19, 2016

Field Road, Yermo 09/17/2016                          Howlite Mine Field Trip 10/22/2016

Stalactites & Cave Onyx 2015 North Edwards Field Trip 05/21/2016
San Simeon Creek 2015 North Cadys, Christmas Tree Agate, 2015
Sharkstooth Hill 2015 Clear Creek, Plasma Agate, 2015
Diablo Onyx, Ballarat Marble, Honey Onyx 2015 Silver Lace Onyx, Lavic Jasper 2015
Travertine Claim Trip & Cookout 2014 Rose Quartz Trip 2014
Kramer Corner and Borax Mine Trip 2014 Stoddard Well Tailgate and Field Trip 2014
Gem Hill & Travertine Mine Trip 2013 Jasper and Green Ash Hills, Early Man Site 2013
Moonstone Trip 2013 North Edwards Claim Trip 2013
Strawberry Onyx Trip 2013 Jalama Beach 2013
Kanan Road Agates 2013 Rose Quartz 2012
2012 Photos 2011 Photos
May 2010 Pearls are Beautiful 2010 Photos
2009 Other Activities 2009 October
May 2009 General Meeting 2009 Lavic Siding
2009 Ant Hill with Girl Scout troop April 2009 General Meeting
2009 Rock Club Claim 2008 Photos